Better Bods is designed to help YOU become active and healthy from the inside out. It’s all about VITALITY rather than VANITY...

We need to FOCUS that exercise is about “brushing” your bones, heart and lungs and the by-product just happens to be some body fat loss. We know that if we don’t brush our teeth they feel “fury” and I know if I haven’t done my band fit classes my body feels “fury” too!

The great news is you needn’t spend hours each week “sloggin” it out, as REST days are just as important as your quality training days. By doing our system just 2 to 3 times per week consistently, you will notice a difference! I myself only train the BAND FIT way, no more than 3 times per week; this is realistic and achievable for the long term!
Focus, patience and consistency are the keys to a BETTER BOD (both inside and out).
It’s not a race who loses the most weight in the quickest time, the TRUE winner is always the “TORTOISE”.

No fancy gyms, as all our classes are held in community halls.

Come on, give it a go, I know you CAN!



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