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Irritable Bowl Syndrome


Dear Rachel I love reading your weekly article in the High Country Herald. We came to New Zealand six years ago from South Africa and live in Twizel. I still find it realy hard to budget for food shopping when we go to Timaru once a month. Do you perhaps have any tips for us that live a couple of hours from a large food shop? I plan to attend one of you morning shopping sessions in summer (if you are still running them) to get money saving tips. Is it also cheaper to buy in bulk at Bin Inn and do they have good quality products? My husband also regularly suffers Irritable Bowl Syndrome symptoms. Do you have any information on that in your book? Could you also please let me know where I can buy the book in Timaru - I will be in Timaru on the weekend. Then the last question - hope I do not have too many. I am interested in studying in the nutrition field here in New Zealand. I hold a B.Sc degree in Microbiology but would prefer to work with people rather than with organisms in future! Do you have any information on specific courses available in Timaru or do you have to study for a degree if you want to work as a nutritionist? Regards


Hi Marine, Thank you for your email. I think its wise you come to one of my supermarket shops when you get a chance, this is the best way to go through it. Its probably best that you read my book to get a better understanding of what I teach. I have had many clients who have suffered from bowel complaints, that no longer do, by following the principles from Jenna`s Journey. My book is available from health food stores, Take Note and Paper Plus. Bin Inn do have some good quality products, especially organic stoneground flours, but you can also get this from New World in larger quantities too. Just to let you know I am not a Nutritionist. I am a qualified Nurse and Personal Trainer. However I am passionate about REAL nutrition and finding out the TRUTH so have studied from INDEPENDENT scientists for the last 4 + yrs . Often this is not obtained through "Government" training. My work now is about being the MESSENGER. Hope this helps and hope to meet you one day at my supermarket shop. Cheers Rachel

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