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Eczema, help!


Hi Rachel, I have just purchased your book, Jenna's journey as a source of help with our 6 month old son's eczema. It just seems so overwhelming though. Can you please clarify "saturated fat" for me please. What items should I be looking for or using? We currently have our son on Karicare Goats Milk formula as we thought getting away from the cow based formula might help. We haven't really noted a difference though and due to cost we're looking at changing back. We don't want to rely on creams to clear the skin, we want to help the probblem. Any help you can give us would be great. Regards Gillian


Hi Gillian, Saturated fat as it explains in the book is: dripping, lard, butter, cream, coconut oil and palm oil (all the things that are supposedly not good for us!). Its really hard to explain it "all" to you via email. Read through the book thoroughly, as it does explain things quite nicely. Many clients have found by eliminating the "goo" and healing with these type of fats does the job! If you are in the Christchurch or Timaru region I am doing a seminar there in October, visit the events page for more details. I am currently working on DVD to show others what we now do in regards to the "whole" shop. This will make things easier. In the meantime you are most welcome to call me 03 6866549, I do understand what you are going through, but believe me once you know the TRUTH it does get easier, and the results will come. Cheers Rachel

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