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sourdough and allergies


Please can I have your recipe for sourdough. My 4 yr old son has multiple allergies (over 40 with the Quantum Xerroid System). He tolerates Dovedales Rice Bread and I would like to make my own starter/yeast to make our own bread. Thanks Debra


Hi Debra, All recipes with bread are on my recipe page on my website I know if I hadn`t discovered the TRUTH by eliminating those MSG triggers and healing with saturated fats, Jenna probably wouldn`t be able to eat anything by now as she had 20 initially (at 6 months) and then I eliminated those foods, but she wasn`t getting better. Retested her and she then had 24 different ones. Real food becomes a problem when those triggers are still present, so his list could possibly get longer if MSG is still present. If you have my book, please try to abide by the "detox" page as best you can. Just make sure the rice bread he is having has none of the triggers there, by checking the ingredients very carefully. These chemicals in our food are causing major problems with our young especially!! You may want to find out more by attending my REAL nutrition seminar in Timaru on the 18th Oct, details on my events page on website. Cheers Rachel

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