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Hi rachael, I'm at the end of my tether, I have put on 20 extra kg's that I want desperatley gone, I want to feel my age and wear what ever I like. I am so un-motivated but I do try to do a bit of walking but even then I need to be pushed. I would love to love exercising but I think I need an environment to go to and someone to push me... do you offer anything that I need?


Hi Stacey, getting started is always the hardest part! Once you get yourself into a routine you will find that you will embrace exercise as your best friend, as you will have more energy, motivation and bodyfat loss. When you do start, diary it where it is visible like an appointment, and start by only doing a couple of quality sessions per week. Its important to start off slowly, so you avoid injury and so you can form good habits! We have fantastic non-intimidating classes that are effective, fun and for everyone, however if you would prefer to do it from home we have Band Fit available on DVD/VHS at Smiths City store or can order via my website. The key to permanent body fat loss is focus, patience and consistency. All the best and hope to see you in class soon......Whoo Hoo!

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