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My youngest of 4 had an allergic reaction to eggs 1st time given at 18 months. He is 4 and has exzema. Have tried numerous things.I Recently purchased your book. I have been looking at your website. Didn't quite understand how a person with coeliacs disease could have wheat? When tested my son has the coeliac markers but does not have coeliac disease however different professionals have said I should take him off wheat. I receive so much conflicting information. i.e use or don't use soymilk.Do you know of a good naturopath in Christchurch? Thanks Kerrie


Hi Kerrie, Thanks for your email. Believe me I went through the same questions you have. I went to a naturopath and Jenna was getting worse, because I still was not eliminating her trigger "msg" which comes in so many forms in foods, cosmetics, everyday care products, medications, supplements and vaccines. Eggs can be quite a common reaction, as often a base in vaccines can be all the things as I have mentioned in the book, as well as eggs. I always believe to keep it simple, our food of today has changed so much. You will always find conflicting evidence about what is good to bad. Butter is another so-called baddie! Years ago this was consumed, along with dripping, etc, etc and food allergies and eczema`s were rare! There was no such thing as soy milk or rice milk, gluten free, etc, etc. Sadly the more synthetic lifestyle we have (unknowingly) then real foods can become a problem, until we get rid of those triggers in the first place. I just know personally this works very well for us, and many of my clients with different diseases have miraculously healed by going back to how it used to be. A client of mine had severe coeliacs disease, because the food including the wheat she used to have was full of MSG. You have to get a very good quality wheat, baking products and rid of all the synthetic "MSG" type of foods and heal with saturated fats for this to work! It does mean going out of your comfort zone, but the results are well worth it. The added bonus you are eating REAL food that the whole family can benefit from, that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. It just requires a bit more effort. Sorry I do not know a good naturopath in Christchurch. I wish you all the best with better health, keeping it simple is best! Cheers Rachel

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