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Hi Rachel I've read your book Jenna's Journey and found it very enlightening. I have begun the detox and find I am feeling much better. My hands have some excema on them and I am currently using Lucas Papaw ointment for this. It contains Potassium Sorbate as a preservative. Is there a moisturising cream that you can recommend that is safe to use? Also I had a test done two years ago, which revealed some allergies, dairy products and beef and lamb were the main ones. Should I keep avoiding these during the detox? I have found that the only milk I can use for breakfast and baking is coconut milk. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Susan


Hi Susan, I`m pleased you liked the book and its great to hear you are already feeling better!! For moisturising, I just use coconut-oil, its very hydrating and soaks in well so is non greasy. Once you have eliminated the "nasty" type of foods/chemicals, etc and have introduced enough saturated fat (to repair the gut) you could definately try adding the REAL type of these foods back in. Coconut milk is fine, as long as you get a brand that hasn`t got any "additives/chemicals" in, which can be hard to source. Once you have done the "detox" thoroughly you could try a little bit of cream on your porridge, or try and source some "raw" milk from a local farmer. Remembering if you still have some synthetic triggers from non-foods, it can set off a reaction to real food from the ACCUMULATION effect. Food from its natural state is very good for us. All the best and would love to hear how you are getting on. Cheers Rachel

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