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Age limit with fitness classes?


Hi Rachel, Are your classes suitable for older people? I am 61 and my friend is 65 and we are looking at losing weight and getting fitter.


Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for your question. Our classes are very unique, as we cater to all fitness levels, ages, etc. One of our new instructors has just turned 60yrs herself. We get clients from varying ages and abilities and it suits them all, our oldest being in their 70`s. Age is no barrier, as it is just a number, its how you feel from within that counts!! We have different levels, 1 being the easiest and 3 the toughest. Plus we can modify exercises to suit. The instructor always comes back to level 1. Our classes are very effective in increasing fitness and muscle tone/strength as well as losing body fat. Looking forward to seeing you in class soon. By the way Yvonne who is 60yrs teaches the 7pm Monday night and 9.15am Tuesday mornings. Have a great active day.......WHOO HOO Rachel

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