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Rice Milk


Hi Rachael I have a question regarding an additive in rice milk. I e mailed the manufacturer as there appeared to be no additives apart from rice and oil. However, they e mailed me and said that they use an enzyme to convert the starch to sugar. The enzyme is Alpha Amylase. They also referred to the sugar as Maltose. Do you know anything about these additives? Kind regards Susan


Hi Susan, Personally I do not like rice milk or would not use it. Due to the simple fact there is no such thing as a "rice cow". The more processing types of food and drink that have been taken further away from mother nature the more likely it is processing "synthetic free glutamic acid" (or MSG). Anything modified from starch, etc, for me is definately something we like to avoid. Often people resort to soy and rice milk thinking this is the "healthier" option, but often it is not. We choose "raw" milk that has had no processing, which tastes great and this is what our elders used to drink without fear all the time. Plus of course plenty of cream.....WHOO HOO! My book Jenna`s Journey will be available online very soon, which goes into great detail about all of this. Cheers Rachel

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