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Hi Rachel I notice in one of your recipies you have used Baileys. Doesn't this have preservative in it? I would also like to know if you could recommend a good preservative free wine, both for cooking and for drinking. I don't drink much, but it would be nice to have something once in a while. In your book you suggest avoiding anything fermented, does this include spirits as they would undergo a distiling process. Regards Susan


Hi Susan, Yes most alcohol contains free glutamic acid, so I do not consume this very often. Our body (liver) is very good at detoxing harm, as long as you use protective barriers such as saturated fats, so you can ocassionally have a little alcohol, or use the odd time in cooking. However I would not use this if you are especially sensitive or going through the "detox" period. Naturally fermented is best to use, eg. balsamic vinegar, the best ones are available from health food shops, as they have undergone a more slow and natural process, again if undergoing the detox would be best to avoid, until the "gut" has healed properly, as could be more sensitive. In Australia they are working on an organic wine, that does not use sulphur dioxide. In the meantime, pays to buy the more expensive brands as they usually have less preservatives added. Remembering its the accumulation effect when we start having trouble. So ok the odd treat. Cheers Rachel

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