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Marmite alternative


Hi Rachel What can we use as an alternative to Marmite, as anything containing nuts (even the organic nut butter) is banned from school due to allergies in other kids?


Hi Anna, Yes I know what you mean, its a shame that they do not yet realise we need to BAN the non-type foods that are causing these problems in the first place! For our children I use things like full cheddar cheese, left over cold meats, salads, eggs, tomatoes, etc. For a quick spread for the odd time maybe a little bit of raw honey with plenty of butter, however it isn`t as filling. They also take other things other than sandwiches, like pasta and rice salad with full fat yoghurt dressing. Home made scones and pikelets with plenty of butter usually fills them up quite nicely. (Recipes available on our website When they get home they can then get into the "nut-butters". Hope this helps. Cheers Rachel

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