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Gluten Intolerence


Hi Rachel, Trying to cut out MSG etc from my family's diet as hubby and two sons are Gluten Free. How long does it take for the goo to leave the body and the fats to repair the damage? I would like to introduce breads/oats etc as soon as possible. Many thanks Julie


Hi Julie, A lot of my clients have had results quite quickly, by eliminating all sources of MSG and at the same time increasing the saturated fats, they then introduced porridge and the home made breads (made from stoneground wholemeal organic flour or breadman breads, pretty much straight away, and they have experienced no problems). I have had another 2 just do this in the last few weeks with no probs introducing the real "wheat", with the adding of course of saturated fats, as this aids with digestion. So eg porridge and cream. Jenna`s Journey book on the Detox page from step 3 does explain this process. I have found clients who stick to the "gluten" free do not get the same results as those who come off it straight away. If you like you can call me, and I can give you some numbers of clients that you can talk to who have already done this with great success. Let me know how you get on. Cheers Rachel

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