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Coconut oil


Hi Rachael I was wondering if you could reccommend a brand of coconut oil as I'm not sure which one is best. Also I have been using semisoft butter, it contains only cream, salt and water, but says it has been churned twice to make it softer. Is this safe to use? I have been off all additives since January and am feeling much better so far as my digestion etc goes, but I still have a nasty rash on my hands and arms which seems to be getting worse at the moment. I have resorted to using a cream with Hydrocortisone in it in the last few days as it can be very itchy. I have not changed soap or laundry detergent so not sure why it is taking so long to clear up. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have a brand of cheese that you could reccommend please. Thank you so much for spreading the word about real food. Regards Susan


Hi Susan, Kia Ora is a good brand re coconut oil. As long as the butter has just that in it it is fine. Some butters have milk solids and other oils, which I like to avoid. Great you are better, hard to know about your rash unless I get a whole picture of say a weeks worth of your complete diet, what you are cooking with, what you are drinking, etc, as MSG is in lots of things. It definately sounds you still have a trigger present, Jenna`s rash re-appears if a MSG trigger is present. I use eco store for detergents, etc. Cheese maybe something to avoid meantime. Raw is best, especially if you have been unwell. Though the next best is organic full cheddar or a cheese like a Whitestone brand, or purchase a cheese from the Cheesemongers in Chch or visit their website. These are made more traditionally. Hope this helps Cheers Rachel

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