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Question: Hi Rachel I recently bought a recipe book which has some recipes calling for evapourated sugar cane, rapadura, do you know if this is safe to use. Also can you suggest a good source of organic baking powder and organic Baking soda. Thanks Regards Susan


Hi Susan, Rapadura I am sure is ok, not 100% re evapourated sugar cane. If its raw sugar its ok used sometimes. You can get a raising agent from health food store, but it still has some cornstarch in it (which is not the best if you are especially sensitive to MSG). However used sometimes and only in small amounts can be tolerated. Baking soda you can get away with more, but again depends on your sensitivity to these excitotoxins. Key is; sometimes and only small amounts can be tolerated by most. By the way I would love to get a testimonial from you, you can email me it, if thats ok? Cheers Rachel

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