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Hi there Rachel, I have just read your book and have been inspired to make my life and my family's life more healthy. As I am new to this, I was just wondering if there is a healthy alternative to marmite, as I have a 3year old who loves it? Thanks


Hi Mary-Anne, I`m pleased my book has inspired you to make some changes. Yes I was very disappointed to find that marmite/vegemite was not the best for us. Sadly I haven`t found a safe option that comes close to these. We now use organic "nut" butters, raw honey, jams without the nasties, and other fillings such as cheese, eggs, cold meats and home made chutneys etc. Being 3yrs of age is easier to change, its when they reach over 7yrs its a lot more difficult. Slowly but surely weaning off is the key, unless there are health issues that cold turkey maybe better, just like I had to with us. Hope this helps and take care. Cheers Rachel

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