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Milk & Coconut oil


Hi there Rachel, I have just read your book and have been inspired to make my life and my family's life more healthy. I was wondering if there was a website to locate farms who sell raw milk? Also,for moisturing you use coconut oil, would a body shop brand be ok to use?Or is there one you recommend?


Hi Ann, Thank you for your letter and its great to hear you want to make some changes. The website re milk is in my book, page 35. it will take you through the steps and different countries to be able to purchase through. If this doesn`t help where you are from, then ask your local health food or organic shop and I`m sure they would be able to recommend someone. We get our milk from a local dairy farmer, so you could even ring round to find out. I`m not sure re the body shop coconut oil, as it needs to be the "real" stuff. I use Kiora brand and if you don`t like the smell you can get a deodorised one, which is still fine as it is not hydrogented (due to heating it at a lower temperature). Most health food stores stock them. All the best. Cheers Rachel

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