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Dried fruit & weight loss


I like a sweet after my evening meal and have been have some dried organic fruit.I have noticed that I am not losing any weight. Could this be why. I exercise on a treadmill for about 45 mins most mornings and eat organic produce. Can I get you DVD from smith city in Oamaru


Hi Janelle, Thanks for your question. There are many reasons why people don`t lose weight. I actually do not like using these words, as it has a negative effect with our health. We need to focus on our inner health first without worrying about what the scales say! If you get the correct combination with QUALITY exercise and food it will just happen, as long as you can see yourself where you want to be, rather than saying this isn`t working. A few tips of mine however are: Combine meals with good natural fats, as this will keep those blood sugar levels even, so you shouldn`t find the urge to crave sweets. This too will help burn fat and keep you full at the same time, so you won`t over indulge because you feel satisfied. Try to cut back on grains and sugars, especially processed ones. If you follow my book Jenna`s Journey, we still eat grains, but they are of good quality, so we are not over eating them. Try not to eat after 7pm (if you can). Try to avoid excitotoxins, which sadly can still be present in organic/health foods, as this too will store fat. My book again explains this and how to avoid it. Or if you like your dried fruits at night, add Biofarm natural full fat yoghurt (unsweetened) or Clearwater yoghurt with the dried fruits, this again will stop those blood sugar peaks, which will store fat rather than burn fat. I only exercise 2 to 3 times per week, but I do RESISTANCE exercise rather than "aerobic". This builds lean muscle, which again burns long term body fat. This type of exercise you will find that you don`t have to exercise all the time, as again its all about QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. My DVD is a great workout and these are the principles that I follow, however at the moment it is only available through my website or by phoning me with your credit card details. Hope this helps! All the best and remember focus on how you want to be. You have to set your mind to it first, then put those tips in place. Cheers Rachel

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