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Well done on your book Rachel, it makes alot of sense. Did Jenna suffer from any wheeziness or asthma type breathing? My 7 month old is past the worse of his eczema however his breathing is not as flash, seems to be doing more work than seems normal to get air.


Hi Anna, Thanks for your question. A lot of children who suffer from eczema/allergies often get some form of asthma, this often can happen especially if hydrocortisone cream or steroids are used. I knew this was a potential side effect so I opted not to use any creams or potions when Jenna was little.......I just knew I had to find the cause rather than treating her symptoms. However a lot of clients who have applied the principles from Jenna`s Journey, including those with asthma have completely settled down. Its really important to avoid sulphites (which are in supermarket cornflours, non organic dried fruits, esp apricots, always check those labels. 220 is the other name for it.), plus of course to avoid all excitotoxins as described in book and hopefully you too will notice a difference with your baby. All the best and pleased you liked my book. Cheers Rachel

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