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Downs Boy

Hi rachael, Im writing on behalf of my sister who has a down syndrome boy he is 28 now, and he has most of the symtptons you mentioned there my main concern is the, infections and eczema on his skin in his ears, and pimples and boils they seem to be a ongoing problem, in his scalp iis a thick substance like dandruff but thicker, she had had alsorts from the dr, and hes not very well just now, he had a bad cold and lost 1/2 stone, and he just doesnt look well, I wonder if it might pay to take him to a naturpath? Will wait for your reply. Every year my sister would ask dr for antbiotics he cant possibly have any natural flora left from these. LOVE LYNN

Hi Lynn, Thank you for your email. Our wee Rhys (now 15 months old) is doing very well. We have the odd checkup with his pediatrician, because he has downs, but he is completely amazed with his progress, and the fact he hasn`t been sick, not even 1 ear infection. I know what I do differently is eat very non-pc, and it seems by doing the opposite what the experts tell us, is doing wonders for Rhys, as he has had no typical problems that downs often have. I believe that these beautiful people are just more vulnerable to our modern "chemical" ridden diets. I would highly recommend you read my book Jenna`s Journey, as her message is for all of us. It comes down to just changing your food and I am sure it will help your nephew. My message is simple, but it does mean going against the grain.......which is not easy, unless you are ready to do it 110%. But believe me it is well worth it :) I think we all deserve to be the best we can be, hence why Rhys has UP SYNDROME, and its never too late to improve on ourselves. My book is available in most libraries and bookstores especially Paper Plus nationwide in NZ. I hope that helps and all the best. Cheers Rachel x


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