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GOO questions

Hello Rachel For the past year and a half (since my 2 year old son started eating solids)I have become very conscious of what my family is eating and started purchasing goods from the Gore Organic Shop. A lady at the shop put me on to Sally Fallon and Nourishing Traditions. It was like a light going on for me. I love to cook and to grow my own vegetables so her book just bought everything together. I mostly make everything we eat except the sour dough bread that I purchase in bulk from Invercargill and organic dairy products. (I do make ice cream but haven't got into yoghurt or cheese). Which leads me to my questions. If an organic yoghurts ingredients reads "organic milk concentrate" does this mean it is from milk powder? Also how bad is milo? In the past have been baking malt biscuits using "Maltexo" ingredients Malted barley, water, calcium, is this a "goo" product? Finally do you have any recipes that have molasses? I have heard some awesome things about you and what you are doing and have done for your daughter and was told you had a website hence seeing that you receive questions. I was unable to attend your talk in Gore as I was in Dunedin but that you may be back to speak again, I hope to attend? If you can answer any of these questions that would be great. Thank you for you time and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Ali

Hi Ali, Thank you for your email. Great you are adopting many good principles to healthier eating. Our yoghurt we buy is Clearwater or Biofarm as it is just pasteurised milk and cultures, not too sure about the concentrate, you could ring the company and find out? Milo sadly has goo in it, so we choose not to buy this, however there is a drinking chocolate you can buy that is organic and is just cocoa and cane sugar.......add the cream and is delicious. Obviously you could even make your own as is cheaper. I like to avoid "malted" products, again as it can disagree with those who are more sensitive to goo :) When we have our treat foods we mainly use raw sugars and or honey, this can be substituted with molasses. My recipe book is coming........ Cheers Rachel


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