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Goats milk formula?

Hi Rachel My name is Racheal P, i am writing to ask some advice. I had a boy in janurary and he was diagnosed with reflux and colic at 6wks i fully breastfeed him and found when i ate icecream he was at his worst and it wasnt until i had a injury and ended up in hospital which in turn i ended up weaning him and putting him on to formula. This is when i noticed that he was spewing constanly and had really runny poos and would rash up, my girlfriend told me to put him on soy formula and as i was desperate at the time i did. Since talking to my other friend who has been to one of your seminars in Gore and whos boy is allergic to msg , she was telling me about all the bad press about estrogen in the soy, i was horrified with the info. My girl is lactose intolerant and i have found my boy is alot worse so allergic if i may say so. I really need some advice on what formula to give him instead of soy. Today i went out on a lim and bought goats milk formula at a huge cost i might say. Is this ok to use? I dont really want to harm my boy anymore but also want to know if it is possible that my children will ever be able to eat dairy? Please would love to hear from you. Also i am coming to your next seminar in Gore and have joined the WHOO HOO group . Love some more understandin on this and if we can too be much healthier . Yours sincerely Racheal

Hi Racheal, You are in a bit of a predicament. The ice cream you had would most likely have been a commercial ice cream, that would have had goo in it. Sadly these horrible chemicals can then make you react to the protein in the REAL food......dairy! There is not a formula that I really know is best to use........I have dealt with babies who are older and have tolerated very well with RAW goats or cows milk (from good quality stock :) If you must continue to use the formula you are on, then as he gets a bit older I know I would introduce good foods (meat and veggies) and then RAW milk. There is a lot to this and hard to let you know all in an email. Try to read Jenna`s Journey and do the best you can, but yes I would definately stay off soy :(. Once you know more I am sure your children will be able to tolerate REAL dairy......butter, cream, RAW milk is the best to start with. Hope this helps, if you need further advice please call me in the office. Cheers Rachel


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