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Coeliac Progression Detox

Hi Rachel, My son and I have been doing the detox these last two weeks. My son - 6 yrs, has Coeliac's and is so excited at the prospect of being able to eat wheat again. I just wanted to confirm with you that we are detoxing him the right way. I have taken him off all preservatives and sugar and am planning on doing this for the 5 weeks you suggest. However he went to the cupboard and took a handful of sugar and ate it the other day without thinking (he has never done that one before)and he was so distraught when I reminded him that he can't eat that. He's worried he has to start again. Then last night I was out and my husband made the kids a homemade spag sauce (without sugar) but then sprinkled parmessan from the container over his food - I will be throwing this out today! Is this meaning we need to be starting again? Are we on the right track as far as the no preservatives and sugar go? Do we need to be doing anything more? Thanks heaps for your time you have put into the research and answering questions. It's an overwhelming, scary but very exciting journey we are on. Kind Regards, Tracey

Hi Tracey, I`m sure you don`t have to start again. Once the detox over even a little sugar will be ok in baking, etc. Once you introduce the wheat again, just ensure the organic stone-ground wheat and not to give too much initially. Porridge and cream is a good place to start too :) Cheers Rachel


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