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Will I put on weight with adding fats?

Hi Rachel, I've just read your book last night and was really intrigued by it. My two kids (1 and 3) have eczema and have food allergies (both to different things) and while we are at a reasonably good place right now with it all, I've definitely been frustrated by the flair ups and problems that it causes. I am very interested in "getting back to basics" as you suggest as I also seem to have endless health problems and could do with a "pick me up" that's for sure! I'm still breastfeeding my daughter. What I'm wondering is whether its a good idea to introduce the good fats into my diet, if I will still have some of the bad fats and goo (and low fat foods as I'm dieting!) in our food? Will I put on weight as I make some those adjustments to our diet, if we are still eating certain things containing goo and bad fats? I'm going to investigate all of this and look to change our whole diet, but I can see that it is going to take time/investigation and in the meantime I want to make sure that I'm not worsening things for me or the kids if we introduce more fat, whie still having some of the other stuff in our diet (ie bought biscuits, bread, muesli bars etc). I have realised with horror just how much "bad" stuff I have in my pantry and how I will need to make radical changes - but it will take a while to figure out how best to replace all the easy packaged things, with better things. I hope this makes sense, but I guess ultimately I'm asking whether making a half pie effort to change our diet (in the interim), will help us or will it just make us fat! I'm finding it quite hard to express what I'm thinking unfortunately! Thanks so much for sharing your encouraging story, and for making it an opportunity for us all to learn! Rachael from Wellington

Hi Rachael, Thank you for your email, and I can understand your concern, as it is a big change.......but well worth it :) Depending on your health situation is how far you take it straight away, as you know from my story I went the whole hog! The hardest part is getting it in your head, because we are not supposed to eat these fats.I would say I have my share of good fats including a lot of butter, cream, raw milk, yoghurt, dripping, avocadoes, nuts, olive oil, etc and I am not overweight, and either are the rest of my family. Too many sugars and processed grains can add the pounds, so be wary of this. Otherwise start making small changes, example bread and dairy and do it step by step. Life will get a bit simpler soon as hope in the near future my food labeling will be, so will be easier to find more WHOO HOO products within the supermarkets. My recipe book is not far away either, so this will give people more ideas how to go about things better. Really important in the meantime to read more info with the references throughout my book, so you have more peace and confidence with what you are about to do. Hope that helps a little more and remember small changes are better than no changes :) Cheers Rachel


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