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Introducing wheat after detox

Hi Rachel, I am feeling a little nervous as I'm hoping to start introducing wheat again to my son's diet, as we have done our 5 weeks detox. We use organic stone-ground flour in our house however it's white, not wholemeal. Do I need to be giving Oscar wholemeal or will white be OK? What about normal pasta, will that need to be organic? Will I be able to try him on 1/2 a slice of bread, or will that be too much? We have noticed an amazing change in Oscar over the last few weeks, it has been so rewarding. He is a new boy!! His attitude to life is brighter and when we do our schoolwork (we homeschool) he flys through his work with a great attitude. It has been very challenging to teach him over the last few years, however it is now a joy. I have not been taking my Loratadine tablets for hayfever over the last two weeks and feel great. So a big Thank you for your research, time and Jenna's Journey. Have a great weekend, Tracey

Hi Tracey, Great to hear things are going so well. Really important at this "early" stage that the wheat you use is organic "wholemeal" stone-ground. Best that the pasta is organic too. He needs the very best when first introducing wheat back to the diet. I would start with 1/2 slice of WHOO HOO bread recipe (with plenty of butter spread on top) would be a good start. Then try I would try a little porridge and cream, then just build up from there. Slowly but surely you will win the race............WHOO HOO :) You will find down the track that he will do best with wholemeal, but the white organic is also tolerated well, as long as you don`t overdo it. Cheers Rachel :)


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