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Raw milk is illegal?

Rachel, It is illegal to sell raw milk because of bovine tuberculosis which is still an occassional problem in dairy herds. Tb of the spine and bones is practically a thing of the past because of pasteurisation. Gwen.

Hi Gwen, My article mentions that RAW milk is illegal, but you can buy 5 litres from the farm gate legally. I have been drinking raw milk for some years now. As I said in my newsletter these tests for TB and many other diseases get tested before they take the milk. In the past they didn`t have the same technology to test for diseases, like we do now. It is still important to drink raw milk from healthy cows, like i have mentioned in newsletter. Pasteurisation destroys many health giving properties as per newsletter (homogenisation has been shown to be far worse, which most people drink anyway and may cause many health issues, that I am sure you are blissfully unaware). I am confident with what I now do, because I have researched both sides (6 years of research, because I thought I had it right, but we were very sick), maybe if you read some other information you too can get the side we just don`t get shown. Plus if you want to hear my whole story I am doing a free seminar on the 21st November Timaru and in Gore 28th Nov 09. I have learnt never to judge until we at least hear both sides to every story. Cheers Rachel


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