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Eating wheat again after coeliac diagnosis!

Hi Rachel, We are at the end of week one with introducing wheat. It has all gone really well without any sore tummys etc after his goo free toast (just lovely to watch him grinning and giggling as he eats toast for the first time in 4 yrs). However there were two days Wed and Fri that he commented about having a really sore tummy and thought he may be sick - both of those days he had Nachoes and I had given him nacho chips that had wheat in them, as much as these were organic etc I'm thinking that prehaps the way they are processed didn't work well with him, or maybe it was too much for one day. He is loving the bread and is desperate for more. I'm wondering when we can increase that? He has especially asked me to email you and ask you if he can have two slices in one day!!! He's not into porridge, the texture is too much for him. Would those Vita Wheat crackers be OK or similar to the Nacho chips? He had a blood test on Thurs (his routine one) and it came back looking good, the Doctor says that we will know in a month weather or not the toast has been causing damage or not. Thanks again for your time. Tracey

Hi Tracey, You will have to let me know what you used also in the nacho dish, concentrated tomatoes, tomato paste and or sauce could also been an issue on top of the wrong chips.As organic chips can still have goo or are cooked in the wrong fats. In my recipe book coming out soon, it shows how you can still enjoy nachos without the goo. You can make easy nacho chips, with organic Mountain bread flat bread wraps). Then just cut them into triangles, place on oven tray, drizzle with olive oil and season. Bake in hot oven until golden brown and crisp, turning over as needed. Only takes a few mins to cook. Keep a close eye on chips, otherwise can burn.Can make a lovely mince, and add onions, kidney beans (goo free), fresh chopped tomatoes, etc and add to chips and dollop with Clearwater Yoghurt (as your sour cream alternative). I would try this option and see how he gets on. 2 slices of goo free bread I would now try.Plain Ryvitas, you could try just giving x 1 (as not organic rye flour), but he maybe ok with. You just have to try and see. The main issue with Oscar is the GOO however, this is where you have to be very cautious. Cheers Rachel


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