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Face rash ? stock

Hi Rachael I have a problem with a rash on my face. It started in early December and I worked out just before New Year that it was a reaction to having yoghurt on my breakfast every day, which I had just started to do. When I realised this I cut it out straight away. The rash improved slightly but seemed to be taking a long time to diminish. I found out from you that tea, coffee and cocoa products were also likely to cause a reaction and have not had any of these in the last week. I have also cut out anything with sugar in it. The rash seems to be spreading and is very red. Nothing else in my diet has changed. I am not sure of the time frame for improvement and am not enjoying going to work looking as bad as I do. I made a stew during the week with beef stock in it, I made the beef stock myself. I notice in your recipe book that you do not recommend the use of stock during detox. Why is that and could that have had an effect on my face rash? I would really appreciate your advice on this as it is beginning to make me feel quite depressed. Thank you for all your hard work that helps us sort our our food problems. Kind regards Susan M

Dear Susan, Whilst you are inflamed like this at the moment, yes the beef stock (home made or not) would have aggrevated the problem. The yoghurt first then the stock. Even though there is no synthetic GOO added (which is far worse), the beef stock, yoghurt and anything fermented have higher levels of free glutamic acid due to the denaturing of proteins. Follow the recipe book very carefully and read the front of the book with all the tips. I would start drinking the herbal white tea ++ (Twinings) and is in most supermarkets, this is a natural goo receptor. If you are making a stew etc, use water, rather than stock. Cheers Rachel Post response Susan M (few weeks later) Hi Rachel The face rash has improved heaps and the rash on my arms is fading as well. It has certainly helped cutting out the fermented products and the tea seems to be helping as well. I have also been drinking fresh peppermint tea and generally keeping my fluid intake up. It is a gradual process but I am feeling better every day. Thank you very much for your help and advice, it is very much appreciated. At least now I know what things to have in moderation, so although the rash is unpleasant it was worth it to learn the cause and keep well in the future. The recipe book is also a great help, there are plenty of ideas to make meals interesting and yummy. Whoo Hoo! Thanks again Rachel Kind regards Susan


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