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Hi Rachel, I heard someone mention you on ZB this morning and looked at the web site. I have psoriatic arthritis and while the skin condition is not too bad and manageable the arthritis has been a difficult thing to manage. Over the years I have had very poor mobility which has eased but now suffer from the typical swollen toes and a few fingers however which are painful and I still ache in various parts of my body from time to time the most recent being the ball of my foot. I am unsure what the future holds as some days my job causes me some pain. The Rheumatologist is like most doctors, simply trying out what they can as they have no real answers. In fact my varied visits to a number of doctors for a number of reasons has painted a very poor value for money picture and some verge on being incompetent. Any good tips you have would be most welcomed. Thanks Greg C. PS: My diet Prime and trimmed fat meats, chicken, fish patties (heart tick) Steamed or microwaved veges and a lot of fruit Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts) and brown bread Weetbix, trim milk, tasty cheese and sometimes low far cheese (I love cheese) Yoghurt, a very small amount of ice cream, no deserts only 4-6 squares of dark chocolate each night Sometimes potato chips or twisties but not often. Very very little alcohol if any. Medication 100mg Diclofenac daily

Hi Greg, Thank you for your email. I believe diet is a good place to start and basically by doing the opposite to what we are supposed to do has worked for us, as well as many other people, with varying illnesses, including arthritis, etc. My diet used to be quite like yours, but now I keep the fat on and in my food (saturated fats, such as cream, butter and dripping) but I remove the goo (chemicals, etc). My book is available from the library called Jenna`s Journey (her message is for all of us), or otherwise can be purchased for $25 from my website or Paper Plus stores nationwide. My new recipe book ($25) with many health tips and almost 500 recipes (goo free) is available via my website only or phoning 0800 WHOO HOO. Hope this helps. By the way on my website there is a list of foods and personal care products that contain no goo, whoo hoo product page. Cheers Rachel


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