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Hi Rachel, love your site. My 80yr old Mum gets bad cramp in her legs which is unbearable and incapaciting. One night she got cramp and tried to get up to get to her quinine tablets and she got disorientated with the pain, she fell and hit her head and I found her on the floor in the laundry the next morning. As mentioned she takes quinine when it gets bad and she also take magnesium as a preventative but nothing seems to be working. Do you have any suggestions of what she can take or do to alleviate the cramp. Regards Rob E

Hi Rob, Thanks for your email. What I know works well for cramp is to dissolve approx 1/4 tsp pure sea salt with a little warm water (Himalayan Sea salt Brand is best, from health food stores), then top up with some pure orange juice, the only one that hasn`t got any goo in it from the supermarkets is McCoys Green Lid 1 litre tetra pak, and is always in the fridge area only, ensure the dark green lid though. Obviously this will help with the cramp, but will not resolve it long term. My book Jenna`s Journey (her message is for all of us), which is in all libraries nationwide and or Paper Plus stores (only 88 pages long) will go into why these things are happening and how to prevent future problems, just by changing our diets. Hope that helps Cheers Rachel


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