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Firstly thank you so much for your wonderful recipe book. It means I can try out some more recipes on my partner. So far he has loved them so it makes it easier to get him eating the Goo free way. I have been told this week that Hendersons are now using imported meat for their bacon. How do we know if the pigs are free-farmed or what they were fed? Do you know of another option I can use as I prefer to buy local free range and organic if possible. The local co-op at Gore no longer stock the Henderson bacon. Thanks Jan M

Hi Jan, Pleased you like my book. Firstly my objective is to get rid of GOO. Have just found out that Henderson's maybe imported meat, but one thing I do know for sure is that they add no goo. There is no other major player out there organic or not that do not add goo to their bacon, unless your local butcher (like Export Meat Timaru) does goo free, after I asked them to. Until I get approval from Foodstuffs re my own food branding, it is very difficult to convince these companies to get rid of GOO!! I will know for sure in the new year whether this will start, which means the best bacon , sausages, bread, etc and all will be NZ ingredients and of course goo free. In the meantime you have to pick the best of a bad bunch. Believe me a lot of pork products in NZ are fed a lot of rubbish, including organic pork, but like I said one step at a time........slowly but surely the turtle wins the race. Cheers Rachel


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