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Fats question

Hi Rachel. I see there's quite a bit of info on your site, so will have to have a closer look. But I have a couple of question if you are able to reply. Firstly, I have changed my eating habits over the past few years quite a bit as I've had ME/CFS for 6 years. I've followed several of the concepts in the book 'Never Be Sick Again' (forget author) which I've just got out of the library again. I have learnt the importance of fats. However, my focus has been on good quality unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocados, LSA, nuts, evening primrose oil, regularly eating tinned salmon, and omega 3 fish oils and occasionally cod liver oil. I notice you emphasis saturated fats a lot - but do you think the good unsaturated fats are still just as important? I live with my parents and we make up trim milk from Pams powdered milk because it's cheaper than buying the bottles. I realise there are believed by some to be issues regarding the processing of milk, but I'm yet to know whether to make a change there yet. My question here though is that the other night on talkback the idea that milk powder contains 'damaged cholestoral' came up. From what I can gather the idea is that damagaed cholestoral is the real danger to the body rather than ordinary cholestoral so much. Do you have any knowledge or views on this? Thanks. Regards, Stefan C

Hi Stefan, Good for you in taking some control back in regaining your health. Sounds like you are eating well and on the right path. I am a believer in a variety of fats which include the monosaturated fats (like the nuts, olive oil, etc, etc) but also consume saturated fats that are also natural fats like butter, cream, dripping, raw milk, etc and our health has improved +++. The key however is to eliminate the GOO which sadly is in processed dairy/milk, breads, many so called health food items, and many more products that we are completely unaware of and regard as good for us. To answer your question basically means you have to go out of your comfort zone to find the whole TRUTH and pretty much do the opposite to what the world tells you. My book Jennas Journey is a message for all of us and is only 88 pages long and you can get it and my recipe book from the library to have a good read. I also have many articles posted on my links page that will answer your questions in more detail. Believe me the other side is far greener :) Cheers and all the best. Rachel


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