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WAPF and fermentation

Hi Rachel, I'm a bit confused ...when I read 'fermented foods' in your MSG list, I thought you meant pickled stuff from the supermarket. Because isn't WAPF (weston a price foundation) style fermenting meant to be good for you?? I can only digest eggs and dairy if I have some fermented foods in my diet. At the moment, the main fermented foods I eat are water and milk keffir, and also sourdough bread (not sure if that counts?). I also make my own broth/stock from boiling bones (WAP again)...will this have msg as well??? Ayden is still largely breastfed and is just starting to eat solids - meat, fruit and veg. He's had a little bit of butter mashed in with veges a couple of times, but not a lot. Its more about what *I* am eating. I'm really into the dietary guidlines that WAP recommends - it makes sense to me that we have evolved to eat these foods and the anecdotal evidence is fairly convincing. So, from a WAP point of view, how am I going to meet my dietary needs as a breastfeeding mother if I cut out dairy (because I can't digest it if it isn't fermented), stock, fermented foods and egg?. Thankyou very much for your time and help! Sarah W

Hi Sarah, I am all for most of the WAPF principles. People however who are sensitive to GOO (synthetic MSG`S) often react to fermented foods too, even the ones done properly like the WAPF. When I did the detox I had no fermented, stocks, products whatsever (but plenty of saturated fats) and was able to absorb my foods (and baby Jenna) fine. Natural sources of ACE vitamins especially from herbal White or Green tea also aid in proper absorption of food. I have been working with many people now over the years and they all have something in common..........over GOO`d, this obviuosly is worse from the nasty MSG`s that are in most products, but many also suffer still from the effects from the excess free glutmaic acid which is found in fermented foods as well. A lot of people wondererd after detoxing that even when they introduced GOO free chocolate and cocoa as a treat some of their symptoms all cocoa products undergo fermentation. So again it depends on the sensitivity levels of each person what they can tolerate. My advice whilst detoxing at least is not to have it. Then for you to be sure re-introduce and see. The white tea (herbal) is the icing on the cake to help speed up the recovery process, as well as aid in digestion. (We never have troubles round here) By the way my recommendations are not to to exclude all dairy.......just the fermented ones that I noticed you having for this detox period. However these are my recommendations only, as it is up to you to do with what you think is best, you must have peace with what you belive is right, for you and your family. By the way traditional soughdough bread seems to be better tolerated, even for those who are especially sensitive :), as well as my bread recipes with the fresh compressed yeasts. Hope that helps answer your question? Cheers Rachel


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