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Overwhelmed, what do I feed my little girl when she already has many allergies?

Hi Rachel, Firstly, thank you so, so much for your book. You could be the person about to change our lives for the better and help my poor little girl feel more normal. For that, I will be eternally grateful... My name is Rebecca T and I have a four year old daughter named Poppy who suffers from excema (no where near as seriously as your little Jenna - she gets outbreaks mainly inside her elbows and on her back). I had her vega tested in Vancouver (we live in Sydney) when she was 2 yo and ended up with an A4 page of foods that she was reacting to. Despite two years of sticking pretty closely to the elimination diet, I have been baffled as to why the excema keeps coming back and why she hasn't "grown out it" by now. I haven't been able to find anyone to re-test her since then (non-invasively). From what you say in your book (that i bought a couple of days ago and am now half way through), she may well be reacting to even more things than are on the original list. Some of the original main foods: All dairy Wheat Eggs Banana, peach, pear, raspberries, orange Soy Oats Spelt Pork products Turkey etc etc etc My question is... how would you suggest detoxing a four year old who already can't have all the above foods, and now won't be able to have any of the alternative foods that she has become reliant on for "treats" or just normal day to day living (rice milk (her staple milk), soy hot chocs (her staple treat), hot chips (unless i can source them cooked in animal fat), anything with vegetable oils?? Not sure where on earth to start, and how to feel confident that she'll be willing to work with me enough to actually make the detox work... Her diet is already so limited and not nearly as healthy as i would like due to how limited we are (eg - she can't even have porridge for breakfast and will only eat rice bubbles, which i now understand to be a no-no (I already knew they have no nutritional value whatsoever...)! I wish you lived next door...I'm sure a lot of people do!! We could all come over for a cuppa and chew your ear off.......!! Thank you so much again. Best regards, Bec T (Sydney, Australia).

Hi Bec, Thank you for your email. How I see my message is that no matter your situation, getting rid of GOO and chemicals is definately not going to hurt :) Basically my advice is to rid of all GOO products/ingredients in food as per detox page ( from bullet point 3) in Jenna`s Journey. This would also include anything fermented and or high glutamate foods such as: concentrated tomatoes, any cheeses, vinegars, broths or stocks (including home made), coffee, cocoa/chocolate, alcohol, cured meats (bacon,salami etc.) If these triggers remain in her diet, the allergens can get more severe or the list often becomes longer, so basically the situation often gets worse. Pays to also avoid in the detox period baking soda or baking powder, etc. We are reacting to proteins in REAL foods, as we are becoming more synthetic, thanks to being over "GOO`ed". Hence why so many people are reacting to foods, especially to high protein foods such as nuts, dairy, wheat, fish and eggs. Then I would add in her diet what I call a GOO neutraliser, as is loaded with natural ACE vitamins.......Herbal White Tea (Twinings is what we use over here). After you do this, you still may want to hold off her very sensitive type foods for a wee while, then slowly re-introduce bit by bit, accept of course the SOY (as mentioned why in my book). I know its difficult, but believe me its worth the initial struggle, as the grass is greener on the other side. My mission in life is to normalise REAL food once again......WHOO HOO :) Keep her food choices simple and eventually I am sure her diet will have a lot more REAL food choices, as long as you stay on track, especially those first few hard weeks, but it does get easier. I wouldn`t bother getting her re-tested, just stick to above. As what she is currently having that I can see are triggers is the: rice milk and soy chocs, and I am sure probably a lot of gluten free which is riddled with goo. You have to think ahead and basically stick in the kitchen for a wee make her chips cooked in dripping. Popcorn cooked in coconut oil with sea salt, most kids love. Dried fruits and nuts without the 220 (sulphur dioxide) added. Best to source organic, to be sure. So these are yummy and are real treats. I have just completed the first goo free cooking guide book, so that could be something you may want to look at. Any further qns you are most welcome to contact me, as I do know what you are about to face. Rememeber from my book Jenna had 24 food allergies. But it wasn`t that at all, it was the goo (or higher free glutamte foods) that made her react to the proteins in these foods. Once I got rid of those, her 24 food allergies disappeared, and she has eaten them without any problems since. I just now stay clear of the CAUSE......GOO!! This rule applies to all of us, as Jenna`s message is for all of us :) Cheers' Rachel


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