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Skin moisturiser for eczema?

Hi Rachel Ive just read your book (a very interesting read) and changed my way of eating over the weekend in order to help my 4month old daughter who has eczema over a large proportion of her body. the good news is that in just 2 days i can see it has stopped spreading and it doesnt look as angry and red (fantastic!) i'll keep you posted how it goes. My question is did you use coconut oil on jenna's skin as a moisturizer when her skin was healing, or something else or nothing at all. how often did you bath her as this can dry out the skin further as well? thank you Ali

Hi Ali, Great to hear. Another to add to your diet which is mentioned in my recipe book, is add herbal white tea (Twinings brand, in most supermarkets) to your diet (I presume you are breastfeeding?), as this is loaded in lots of natural ACE vitamins so will help ++ to neutralise the goo effects :) Meantime avoid all fermented foods; cheeses, vinegars, cocoa, coffee, tea, broths, stocks, conc tomatoes etc. Then only have the odd times once detox complete. You could either try coconut oil or olive oil to bath water for her. I used nothing else on her skin. However there is a chickweed gel from Artemis (most health food stores) that could help too. Cheers Rachel


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