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Celiacs and depression

Hi It's Danielle here. My husband Brent was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 years ago. We have spoken to several different people with regarding to what he can eat. But he still seems unwell, he also suffers at times from depression. We are getting very confused! Is there any way you could be of any help? We would be very appreciative. Regards Danielle

Hi Danielle, Thank your for your email. For some getting rid of the gluten can definately help, because you have got rid of what I call the GOO (which is present in most wheaten products that we buy). So the trouble is because we do not understand WHY this is happening that when you avoid the wheat/gluten products most still are not avoiding the GOO products, which are still present in gluten free, dairy and many other products we are eating today. Hence why most people do not become 100% and often end up with other illnesses still due to the accumulation effect from too much GOO :( The more goo triggers are in our diet the more we react to the protein in REAL foods, hence why so many people have allergies and other illnesses. Jenna`s Journey (my book) is a message for all us. Many people have become well just by applying this information, including many with celiacs. Its common sense principles that we have to get back to. Our food today is very complicated and sadly we are suffering in many ways because of it. Hope that helps if you need further info please call me. Look out on my events page for my next FREE seminars to find out more. Cheers Rachel


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