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Ice cream

Hi Rachel, Just wondered if you had heard of other children who were having a problem with vanilla ice cream? Since Christmas, Samantha who is 9 has become sick when eating only very small amounts of vanilla icecream. Everything from vomitting to stomach pains.It really knocks her around for about 12hrs. Strawberry yoghurt is something else that she likes but recently does not tolerate well. It makes her feel dizzy. Needless to say we are now avoiding both these things but am just curious to know if in your travels you have come across a similar problem.She has no problem with other foods. Cherry P

Hi Cherry, Sadly most ice-creams and yoghurts contain a lot of GOO!! Its from the accumulation that she can experience these symptoms and is reacting to the protein in the dairy as well as the GOO, my advice would be to make your own in the meantime, I have loads of recipes in my new goo free cook book, that are simple and delicious including REAL vanilla ice cream. I am sure she would not react to these ones. My WHOO HOO choice foods should be out in the next few months, so will make it a little easier to follow via the supermarkets All of us need to listen to the message from Jenna`s Journey, its not just about eczema. Hope that helps. Cheers Rachel


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