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What is best milk for eczema baby?

Hi Rachel, My grandson is in Sydney and his Mum has no way of getting fresh farm milk. What would you suggest as the next best option? He has started solids and has only organic home cooked veggies and fruit, and also some farex for breakfast. He was breast fed for his first 3 months then the allergies started to appear (really bad eczema).........had we known what we know now my daughter would have changed her diet although that would probably not helped as far as pet dander/dust mite allergiesare concerned!!!! (he has tested positve to both these and egg whites) Eggs are not a problem for him yet as he has not had any or likely to in the near future but would explin while he was breast fed. He has been on different formulas including a trial of neocate while waiting for the testing. He is now on a HA formula. This brings me back to my question of what milk to give him in his bottle and used to mix his cereal and should it be diluted to begin with.? I hope this makes some sort of sense to you. :) Many thanks in advance for your time in answering this. Jenny :)

Hi Jenny, The key with this is firstly to eliminate all goo triggers. Farex also has goo in it. Home made porridge (100% oats) would be best. Obviously if you have read Jennas Journey the formula will too. If he`s had vaccines and he`s more sensitive then this can take a little longer to recover. My next newsletter for May, will have a great story/testimonial in regards to this. The goo triggers are making us react to the protein in foods. If he`s not too sensitive, then I would then try just a little bit for a start the pasteurised only milk (NOT HOMOGENISED), if I couldn`t get raw milk. However if he is still reacting to this, then you could try 100% organic coconut milk (just coconut milk and water on ingredeints). Then as time goes by, as long as no other goo triggers are introduced, he will be able to tolerate REAL dairy. I would also try a little bit REAL butter in his veggies (should be just cream and salt) and see how that goes too. Really important to now introduce more good quality red/white meats, liver is the best, for good iron content and b vitamins (happy hormones). To help neutralise the effect of goo, the herbal white tea can also be added to his veggies. More info is in my recipe book, including detox recipes. Otherwise please call me, as better to talk about it :) Soon I will be adding on my website a detox free downloadable menu sheet, step by step process. Hope that helps in the meantime. Cheers Rachel


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