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Detox food re gluten/dairy free?

HI there, Just read your book last night which is fantastic. I've just nee looking through the products you recommend buying - just a question around this, what about products for people who are gluten/wheat free and dairy free? Thanks heaps Mel

Hi Mel, Pleased you liked my book :) Yes the list you have just looked at is a very standard list without the goo. Very soon I will be adding detox menus food diary so will have step by step instruction, so keep checking back :) Or sign up to my free newsletter, so then you will know when it is posted :) In the meantime, everyone is different, some just have to get rid of the goo triggers and then can tolerate the REAL wheat and dairy, whilst others have to have a resting period, where they eliminate all goo triggers and slowly introduce the problem foods back in after a month or so, from the least sensitive to the most. My recipe book explains this more too. Dairy products to avoid are cheeses, yoghurts, homogenised dairy, margarine, etc. So the ones to include initially are REAL butter (ensure just cream, salt), RAW milk and cream. Please read the article on my links page re MSG and Fermentation, which will explain more :) I have had many people who did have coeliacs, and many types of food allergies, have no longer, but they had to be very strict in eliminating all GOO triggers (which includes fermented ones). After this period then the odd time they can also tolerate these foods too in small amounts. Please feel free to contact me if you need further info :) I am doing many FREE seminars round the country, that is important to hear if you get the chance. Cheers Rachel


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