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Improvement.......then regression, why?

Hi Rachel A question for you! My daughters eczema made quick improvement over the first 2 days of the detox (which i had started again) however on day 3 some of the eczema came back where it had been healing quickly previously and on day 4 it is the same. I have changed nothing to my diet, or any other environmental factors that i can think of over the 4 days. Did this happen to you? or was Jenna always improving alittle every day during your detox? Thanks Ali

Hi Ali, Jenna went back and forth a bit, but was continuously improving. However hers was just diet related, she never had other medicines or vaccines, etc. Some heal quickly whilst others takes longer. Patience is the key and sometimes you have to go through the rough before you can shine. The body has to get re-adjusted to REAL food again, the key is not to give up. One wee fella I had been dealing with took over 1 year to come right. However his mother exposed him to a lot of GOO (unknowingly) through pregnancy. He had far worse allergies and eczema than Jenna, but her perserverance paid off, and now his skin is clear and his diet is much more varied. He is very sensitive and a slip up, with goo, meant 2 steps back. Slowly but surely is the key :) Basically you are not doing any harm by ridding of GOO`s from the diet. The medical system usually offers the quick fixes, but sadly this doesn`t work for the long term. Over time by sticking to this, more high protein foods (that she is sensitive to, like dairy), can then be introduced down the track. If you need further info, please just call me. Cheers Rachel


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