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Dye in clothing?

Hi Rachel I recently bought two cotton t shirts and have washed them about four times. However they still make my skin prickle when I put them on. Do you think it is something that is used in the dye, and if so do you know if there is any effective way of removing traces of it so I can wear them? I have been using the infra red sauna last week and had one today. The rash is slowly fading on my legs and face, however it is a very slow process. I know longer use any soap powder in my washing and I think this has helped as well. Thank you very much for all your help, encouragement and advice, it is very much appreciated. Kind regards Suan M

Hi Susan, Pleased to hear you are slowly coming right :) As they say; slowly but surely you will win the race........ Some can be especially sensitive to synthetic dyes, etc. You can buy organic clothing, which may help you there? One little fellow who had very severe allergies and eczema, took 1 year to come right. He too has to be very cautious to avoid all GOO triggers, but finally his body has re-adjusted to REAL food and can eat a lot more and by being patient his mum and him are finally reaping the rewards of clear skin and better health. He too used the infrared sauna in part of the healing process. Keep in touch and take care. Cheers Rachel


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