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Detox help for my baby?

Hi Rachel Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me on the phone this week. I started drinking raw milk, eating some eggs and the flat bread you suggested to help my milk supply get back up. However my daughter has reacted and now not only has she got eczema she now has a very congested nose, sneezing and a little swelling in the face. One unhappy girl as you can imagine. I really don’t know what to eat anymore as I have my own thoughts on some foods plus that list. I was thinking about cutting out just the regular allergy foods (wheat, milk, corn, nuts, eggs, soy, fish) and the top few on my list (oats, sugar, gluten, yeast). Detox menu ideas for me Breakfast Rice flake porridge with fruit and flaxseed oil Lunch Gluten/yeast free bread with something (rye bread and avocado/salmon I had been eating lots of previously so am reluctant to eat again) Dinner Red meat and veges Snacks Fruit and seeds What do you think? Got any ideas for lunch Ali

Hi Ali, Yes you may have to do an elimination diet for a while, with these high protein foods. But at least you have tried. The key is down the track to try them again, the least allergenic first, and do bit by bit :) If you have vaccinated, vaccines contain goo, "hydrolysed gelatin" in some and they are often mixed with an egg or fish base. So hence why these protein foods can be a real problem. Down the track as long as you stay off the goo triggers, hopefully her body will recognise the REAL foods as her friend again. Some I have worked with who have been over goo`d and are more sensitive have taken up to a year to get better, but now they have reintroduced many more REAL foods once again. So patience and perserverance is the key :) You have to go through the rough before you can shine. Breakfast sounds fine, though you could try coconut cream/milk (as long as only 100% coconut and or water), rather than the flaxseed oil. Or alternate. I have some detox recipes in my recipe book, that maybe helpful. Otherwise a baked potato/kumera cooked with dripping and or use olive oil, etc, etc. Have a yummy chicken nugget recipe and or homemade chips, etc, which are nice lunch ideas. Since you have tried all these allergen foods straight away.........I think the worst maybe the eggs/milk and possibly fish, so later on you could re-try first the flat bread only......just a little and see. I also like VIP (veggies in patties) so mash up all veggies you like and make into patties and cook in dripping, they are yummy, of course we use eggs to bind, but you could try the rice flakes and or coconut milk. You could also make smoothies with coconut milk or coconut cream. Recipe book is in Timaru Library, so may give you some ideas, but you will just have to eliminate those high allergen foods initially and subsitiute with what you can in the meantime. For natural sweetener fruits and RAW honey is best. Don`t forget to keep in the herbal white tea (mix in her veggies), as loaded with ACE vitamins to help neutralise the goo :) Keep me updated. Cheers Rachel


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