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Is herbal white tea ok to give to babies/children? Genetic link with eczema?

Thanks for your reply Rachel. Would herbal white tea be okay for a 17 month old?? I took Alister to the Dr. this morning, and he prescribed Hydrocortisone (as expected), and moisturiser, and said i could try some elimination diets. He suggested ? Dairy, Wheat, egg, and i asked him about gelatine also, as after reading your book and other bits on the net, i see the MMR vaccine does has gelatine in it, and perhaps egg protein?? Not sure, but he also gave me a blood test form for the RAST test. I know you did the whole detox from Jenna's known triggers, but i am unsure how to work this out with Alister to maybe do the same? I am also a reg nurse, and try as much as poss to eliminate colour, preservatives and additives from their diet, also due to my own skin condition. Maybe Alister is prone to eczema with my history, and my grandmothers history. NOt fair....!!!!!!! Is hydrolysed gelatin like the gelatin that is in foods? Many thanks, JO.

Hi Jo, We give all our kids herbal white tea. I know its different, but is it ok to give our kids processed milk/formulas and fizzy drinks? Most people buy supplemements with synthetic ACE vitamins, but the herbal white tea has these occurring naturally, which are full of antioxidants. We do the opposite to what the world accepts as normal, and our kids no longer get sick. FEAR is what holds us back from the truth, as you do have to go out of your comfort zone. Many other children including babies have had fantastic results by adding the herbal white tea to their diets. Even if its added to their veggies. Our society accepts disease as being normal too, like eczema, allergies, cancer, heart disease, etc, etc. But I started to ask the question why? Genetics didn`t gel with me, even though we too have plenty of history of eczema in our family, this just shows we can control and prevent disease when you follow the principles 100%. Jenna has absolutley no signs of eczema or her 24 food allergies. However we went away for a week at Xmas (stayed at other people`s homes) and it came back with avengence. So it proves it is the GOO that she is sensitive too (just like all of us though). Got back home and after a few days of eating the WHOO HOO way it went again. So we do have control when we know the whole TRUTH. The only ones who are benefiting from all of this is the drug companies. The sad thing is if we accept this today, every generation will get worse, disease and ageing will happen earlier and earlier, unless we start to take more control today. The GOO is making us react to the protein in REAL foods, in particular; dairy, wheat, fish, eggs and nuts. Vaccines can also use a egg or fish base, so then this protein can then become more sensitive when mixing with synthetic goos, like hydrolysed gelatin. We are becoming more synthetic and blaming natural foods as the baddie. Most doctors do not teach what I teach, there are however many refs on my links page with highly qualified doctors, neurosurgeons, scientists, etc who are speaking out the truth. Hydrolysed gelatin is far worse than gelatin obtained from the food gelatin, but any gelatin we also avoid, as it contains a lot of free glutamic acid, having too much of this our bodies start to "wilt", this is why most medicines contain glutamate receptors, so to neutralise the excess GOO.This is what will be in the hydrocortisone cream. Sadly though, it is the synthetic version. White tea is the natural version, but dr`s do not presrcibe natural versions of GOO receptors. I talk about this in more detail at my FREE seminars, as there is a lot to cover, but believe me is worth hearing. Basically by getting rid of GOO`S in all our diets will not hurt anyone, if anything will help them :) All the best Cheers Rachel


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