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I am b/feeding, is my diet ok?

Hi there, I have a 8month old who suffers from sensitive skin allergies and is fully breastfed. She constantly has excema and is unsettled. My diet is rather simple. However, I do endulge i 1 coffee per day and crave chocolate. I am paranoid that when i do drink coffee and eat chocolate, that this will bring about excema for her. Is there a direct link here to her excema? As i am trying to pin point what is that causes her excema, even on the most strict days when i watch what i eat, she seems to have the excema. My usual diet is as follows: Breakfast: Wholemeal toast with Jam Black tea Snack Vanilla wine biscuits to snack Sandwhich Wholemeal bread Margarine Shaved ham Lettuce Avocado Snack Banana Dinner Sausages Lettuce Tomato Sauce Snack Vanilla Wine Biscuit Black tea She has food also: Kumara with pumpkin or potato and Banana mashed Please send me your thoughts? As i would love to manage her excema well. In addition I do use plenty of aqueous cream which is fantastic! Many thanks Rena D

Hi Rena, Sadly most the foods you have mentioned is what I call goo foods :( You really need to read Jenna`s Journey, only 88 pages long and you will see what I mean. You can get either from the library of paper plus stores or via my website. Then I have a better list of foods to have which is on my web page whoo hoo products. Please feel free to call me if you need to. Cheers Rachel


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