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MSG/GOO remedy for asthma?

Morning Rach, I am trying to eliminate MSG totally from our diet, while maintaining a busy life with a business and 3 kids and occasionally I slip up. This week I have included some Dijionaise Mustard with a cheese sauce which I believe prompted an Asthma attack in my 4 year old son which he has not yet fully recovered from 3 days later. Then last night I used some pastry which I thought was ok, but when his coughing got worse I re-checked the packaging to find it had Food Acid 330 in it. Looked it up and to my horror found that was Citric Acid or aka MSG!!! Oh my god this is hard! The reason for my email is to ask if you know of any food I can give him to relieve his symptoms of runny nose and continual cough. I have been giving him his ventolin inhaler, which usually works but doesn’t seem to be helping much this time. You may not have any suggestions, but just wondered if there were any natural foods I could give him which might help his system to clear the mucas and return his breathing to normal? Thanks for your time. Warm regards Jane

Hi Jane, Yes the cheese sauce contains much free glutamic acid, cheeses and fermented products should only be a little and the odd time. Read my article in my archives re MSG and Fermentation as will explain more. Its so sad this these hidden ingredients are everywhere, does make it tough, but my foods are getting closer to being in the supermarkets :) There is a remedy that does help and thats the herbal white tea (you can get Twinings brand from supermarkets). Its loaded in natural ACE vitamins. Get 2 to 3 cups into him as much as you can. Best for him to drink straight. Just brew for 30sec to 1 min, and you can keep the same tea bag for the repeat cups. Hope that helps :) Cheers Rachel


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