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My grandson 7 months has been diagnosed with reflux, multiple allergies/intolerances and possibily eosinophilic esophagitis. He is starting food trials of pears, carrots, pumpkin and kumera. Pears seem just OK he reacted badly to carrots. Would your book help in what foods to introduce. He is on necoate. We need all the help we can get. Thanks

Hi Mary, I always think to try the SIMPLEST things first. My book will definately show you this option and it does simply make sense. The hardest part comes to actually doing it, as it is definately against what we are told to do. However what harm can be done when all you are doing is getting rid of the chemicals in your food? Many clients now have put it to the test, some very skeptical, but they had nothing to lose! Most of those that I know of have tried it and has worked. At least this option only costs $25 to buy the book and a change in your kitchen pantry/fridge......I think its worth it. I know how well this worked for us and how well it is working for many others with varying health issues. I believe my book will make your families life less complicated, if your willing to give it a go? It comes down to your choice and stepping out of your comfort zone. I do know neocnate is "goo" ridden. WHen triggers remain in the diet, then he will react to real food. Most of our modern diseases are man made! Hope this helps and all the best, ring me if you get stuck. Cheers Rachel


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