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Hi Rachel, I'm a 33yr old mother of twin 2 yr old boys, 5'3 and 71Kgs. i also work part time 5 hours a day. I'm finding it hard to stick to a healthy eating plan. exercise wise. i play both netball and soccer at the weekends and play indoor netball and go to soccer training sometimes during the week. so i'm active but not fit. i feel my motabalisim is very low, i'm tied all the time. i need some advice on how to reduce the Kg's and stick to a healthy eating plan. I need a push so to speak. I really want a summer body!

Hi Lee, thank you for your letter. It sounds as though you are a very busy person. Good on you for getting in some exercise. It just sounds as though you may not be doing the right mix of quality exercise as well as quality nutrition. You are telling me you are always tired, this could be many factors. However it would be nice to know what you are eating? Once you get the balance right you will have more energy, lose body fat, tone up and look and feel great!


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