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rostered shift/dieting

Hi Rachel Just a quick question, i work out a fonterra, and having big problems with a eating and exercise programme a few of us have a 10kg club going where we monitor our wieght every week. Im not going that flash. we do two 12hr days 24hrs off then two 12hr nights, i have gained nearly 2 stone since i have gone out there. I am having hoildays at the end of this month for nearly 2 mths have you got a good programme for me to get me started while im off work?

Hi Rachel, The best way to lose some body fat, is not to DIET! The solution comes down to eating REAL food with QUALITY exercise. My book Jenna`s Journey and my new DVD Band Fit Queenstown, is the whole package to get you on the right track with eating properly and then of course combining this with just 2 to 3 sessions of the resistance exercise DVD Band Fit. This DVD increases lean muscle, which is the key to burn body fat! If dieting businesses worked they would all be out of business!! They need people to fail, so they can get them back! Hope this helps. Otherwise please call me. Cheers Rachel


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