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Infant Eczema

Hi Rachel, I recently read you book. My 8 month old first showed signs of eczema at 3 months of age and it has gradually worsened. I have tried both exclusions and supplements to my diet (I am breast feeding) with limited impact. I am keen to try your recommended detox. To date a diary allergy has been suggested to me. You describe Jenna's more detailed allergy testing but I can't see the reference in the back of the book. I live in Christchurch, can you give me further details and do you think it is an important step to take before detox. Many thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers

Hi Nicola, Thank you for your question. I have been teaching numerous clients now with Jenna`s principles, and most of them have found just to do the process from step 3 (page 64), which has been very successful. This makes life a whole lot simpler if you can. The idea is to eliminate the triggers, so that the REAL food no longer becomes the problem! When having dairy however ensure its the real "stuff", as recommended by the book. If your baby has had vaccines this too can make the process take a little longer to recover. Jenna didn`t have these, so I am sure this sped up her recovery time. Its really important now for you since you are breastfeeding to be very careful in eliminating all excitotoxins (just keep it really simple) and repair with saturated fats (its good for both of you). All the best and I would love to hear how you get on. Cheers Rachel


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