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Baby starting solids

Hi Rachel, My baby is 7 months old and has started solids. I make his baby food - veges & fruit...but am not sure what do do about grains / breads. What did you give Jenna? In regards to Shelley D's boy with asthema, I highly recommend the buteyko technique (drug-free breathing exercises). I was a cronic asmatic (6-8 puffs of ventolin a day) and now hardly use an inhaler. To contact them phone 0800 4 ASTHMA. Could you please pass this info on to her? Thanks a million!!!

Hi Monique, Thanks for that info. Not sure if you have read my book Jenna`s Journey, as what to avoid? Once I got rid of all MSG from my diet (due to me breastfeeding) I introduced most things. Porridge (soaked overnight), as aids better with digestion. I introduced breads that had no active yeast or other forms of MSG. Breadman varieties are very good, otherwise I have a very easy breadmaker bread recipe on my website, made with fresh compressed yeast and wholemeal stoneground flours which should not be a problem. The key is to avoid the MSG and chemical triggers, so that the REAL food does not become a problem. This goes with you too if you are still breastfeeding. Hope this helps. Cheers Rachel


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