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Dairy intolerence

Hi my nearly three year has developed an intolerence to dairy recently although was breastfed and had no issues with dairy untill now. we have seen a paediatrician in chch who prescribed antbioctics and proboactics which i don't know if these have made the difference as regards to offensive and loose stools or just leaving the dairy out of the diet just wondering if you think maybe your diet changes would have an effect.Thanks

Hi Fiona, I have had many clients who thought they have had "dairy" intolerances, until they abide by Jenna`s Journey principles. The trouble with our modern dairy, is that it is not the REAL mccoy anymore. However once you know what to buy and eat with the real stuff these problems disappear. Which means we are not intolerant to dairy (if its the good stuff), but we are intolerant to chemicals, which are disguised in many forms. Good news is you can buy the real dairy (even at your supermarket), its just knowing what to avoid, and my book and grocery shop DVD explains this well. Hope this helps. Cheers Rachel


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